We plan to offer various other titles we like as they become available.

The first is a book my aunt, Peggy McCracken was working on as she dealt with her diagnosis of cancer. A few days before her death, she asked me if I knew anything about a publishing program call "InDesign." I didn't grasp the implications when I said yes. She had published two other books about her life and was almost finished with the third, but knew she was just about out of time. When I realized what she wanted, I assured her it would be published. A few months and a lot of help later, it was a reality.

Have a look and purchase a copy if you like. Proceeds go to her favorite charity she talks about in the book.

The back cover blurb:

The Final Deadline

Six months to live. What happens when you receive the bad news? Do you give in and go with the flow or turn and row into the current?

Peggy McCracken got her oars wet.

In this final installment of her life's story, she gives us tidbits from earlier days and takes us along as she challenges the doctor's grim predictions. Come along and find how to thrive under the final deadline.